Ashley Ann Lora


Founder & Facilitator

Ashley was a VisionHery before she even knew it. Her skills of envisioning exactly what she wanted began in 2014 after being physically bedridden from topical steroids withdrawal. She knew that in order to be healthy, she must envision the way she wanted to look, who she wanted to be, and the things she wanted do once she became healed. Now four years later, Ashley is not only healed, but she has turned her passion of coaching one-on-one into an intimate vision for the masses. One that has proven to bring clarity, passion, creativity and joy in others. 

VisionHery truly transpired after Ashley realized the power of manifestation in creating her own vision board during her time of healing. She realized that in setting a clear foundation of her goals, backed up with intense focus, passion and faith, she was able to manifest the exact replica of what she posted on her board. From becoming healthy to being on the cover of a health magazine to receiving the car she wanted and so much more --  all of these goals were posted on a poster board before they even became a reality! Ashley wants others to understand that their dreams begin with one vision, one photo, and one mindset - the VisionHery way. 

"VisionHery is not just your normal brand. It's a lifestyle and a way of living in the now in order to continuously bring the future into the present." Ashley Ann Lora

Yvonne Santos




Yvonne Santos embodies what it is to love herself for who see is and celebrates her life from her vision in empowering others to take action. As a Mother she discovered that in order support her children to live their passion and love their life that she too has the opportunity to live her passion and love her life. Being a role model to her children and a devoted loving wife to her husband has fueled her to take on the role of being it all and loving life! She brings to life Self Love in her facilitation, speaking engagements, fitness and health accountability coaching, as a SBA banker, and most importantly, as a Woman. Her motto “love who you are and you’ll do what you love”!